Aaron Banks Salary, Net Worth, Contract

Aaron Banks Salary
Aaron Banks Salary $1,303,055
Aaron Banks Net Worth $2,500,000
Source of Income NFL
Aaron Banks Forbes (Market Value) $2,572,218
Total Contract Value $7,073,601 (4 years)
Total Cap $7,073,600

Astounding news! It has come to my attention that Aaron Banks, a distinguished football player, has secured an impressive deal with the illustrious San Francisco 49ers. Over the course of four years, he shall amass an exorbitant sum of $7,073,601. To add to the already colossal amount, a signing bonus of $2,504,436 has also been generously granted. It is worth noting that $3,485,963 of the aforementioned monetary compensation is an irrevocable guarantee.

Mr. Banks shall receive an annual salary of $1,768,400 as per the contract, which is unquestionably an extraordinary amount. Nevertheless, the contract holds more surprises as he is expected to earn a substantial base salary of $1,303,055 solely in the year 2023. That, my friend, is a colossal sum of money. As it is customary, however, there is always a catch. In this case, it is the “cap hit” which the team must keep in mind as they devise their roster changes for the year 2023. To be precise, Aaron’s cap hit for that year is estimated to be $1,929,164.

Alas, the aforementioned contract does carry its own risks for the San Francisco 49ers as they shall owe Aaron a total of $1,252,218, even if they decide to release him from the contract. Thus, while it is undoubtedly a coup for Mr. Banks, it is not without its risks for the team. Regardless, the coming years shall be intriguing, and it will be fascinating to observe the unfolding events.

Year Yearly Base Salary Cap Hit
2021 $660,000 $1,286,109
2022 $981,527 $1,607,636
2023 $1,303,055 $1,929,164
2024 $1,624,582 $2,250,691

The focal point of this written work centers on the talented offensive lineman Aaron Banks, whose rising star in the NFL earned him a lucrative contract with the San Francisco 49ers. We will thoroughly explore the intricate details of Banks’ contract, his statistical achievements, and provide a comprehensive analysis of his full potential.

Contract Details

Banks secured a significant four-year deal with the 49ers valued at $7,073,601, which encompasses a signing bonus of $2,504,436. This contract guarantees Banks a whopping $3,485,963 in compensation, coupled with an average annual salary of $1,768,400. As of 2023, Banks is poised to earn a base salary of $1,303,055, with a cap hit of $1,929,164. If, by chance, the 49ers opt to release Banks, his dead cap value is worth $1,252,218.

Aaron Banks Salary


Banks was an exceptional player during his college years, notably playing for Notre Dame. During his senior year, Banks exhibited his exceptional versatility by starting in all 12 games and playing at both guard and tackle positions, which helped Notre Dame clinch an impressive 10-2 record. Banks’ solid blocking ability contributed to Notre Dame’s exceptional average of 217.7 rushing yards per game. Additionally, Banks played a part in an offensive line that allowed only 13 sacks throughout the entire 2020 season.

Aaron Banks Net Worth over the years
2023 $2,500,000
2022 $1,785,714
2021 $1,275,510
2020 $911,079


Without question, Banks’ talent and versatility as an offensive lineman will serve as a valuable asset to the 49ers. His blocking skills and ability to create running opportunities for his team are integral components of the 49ers’ offensive strategy. Furthermore, his wealth of experience playing in high-stakes games and performing exceptionally well under pressure are characteristics that make him an asset to the NFL.


The intricate details of Banks’ contract, impressive college stats, and undeniable potential are sure signs that he is a valuable addition to the San Francisco 49ers. We can expect Banks to continue developing into a dominant force on the offensive line as he transitions to the NFL.

  • April 1, 2023