Alec Pierce Salary, Net Worth, Contract

Alec Pierce Salary
Alec Pierce Salary $1,005,061
Alec Pierce Net Worth $2,000,000
Source of Income NFL
Alec Pierce Forbes (Market Value) $2,400,488
Total Contract Value $6,601,342 (4 years)
Total Cap $6,601,342

The Indianapolis Colts have made a noteworthy acquisition in the form of Alec Pierce. A 4-year pact worth $6,601,342 has been inked, inclusive of a signing bonus worth $1,980,976. Astonishingly, $2,986,037 of the total amount is guaranteed, suggesting the Colts’ immense faith in Alec’s capabilities. By averaging out the aforementioned figures, Alec will earn $1,650,336 annually.

It’s interesting to note that Alec’s base salary for 2023 is $1,005,061, however, the Colts’ will additionally be incurring a cap hit of $1,500,305. Moreover, it’s worth mentioning that the Colts will face the consequences of a dead cap value of $2,490,793, regardless of the outcome of the situation.
Undoubtedly, this development represents a significant progression for Alec’s career, and we eagerly await his future performances.

Year Yearly Base Salary Cap Hit
2022 $705,000 $1,200,244
2023 $1,005,061 $1,500,305
2024 $1,305,122 $1,800,366
2025 $1,605,183 $2,100,427

Alec Pierce, the adept tight end, has recently inked a four-year contractual agreement with the Indianapolis Colts worth a grand sum of $6,601,342, which encompasses a signing bonus of $1,980,976, a guaranteed amount of $2,986,037, and an average annual salary of $1,650,336.

The intricacies of the contractual agreement that Pierce entered into entail that he shall amass a fundamental income of $1,005,061 throughout the current year, 2023. This serves as the amount that the Indianapolis Colts shall compensate him for his services in the immediate period. Furthermore, Pierce’s cap hit of $1,500,305, and dead cap value of $2,490,793, are additional elements that encapsulate his involvement with the team.

The signing bonus bestowed upon Pierce, which amounts to a total of $1,980,976, serves as a lump sum payment that was immediately given to him as soon as the contractual agreement was executed. This bonus represents a gesture of commitment from the Indianapolis Colts, designed to motivate Pierce to deliver his best possible performance. It is customary for the signing bonus to be paid in full at the moment of signing and is not subject to repayment.

Alec Pierce Salary

In the contractual agreement signed by Pierce, the guaranteed amount of $2,986,037 is the minimum sum of money that he will receive during the four-year span of the agreement, regardless of his level of performance. The guaranteed amount stands as a safeguard for Pierce, guaranteeing that he shall be compensated at a specific level, even if he is unable to perform to the best of his abilities.

With an average annual salary of $1,650,336, Pierce will amass this sum of money throughout the duration of his four-year contractual agreement, calculated by dividing the overall contract amount by the number of years.

Alec Pierce Net Worth over the years
2023 $2,000,000
2022 $1,428,571
2021 $1,020,408
2020 $728,863

In addition to Pierce’s guaranteed sum, the cap hit stands as the sum of money that the team shall be required to allocate towards its salary cap for the year, which is $1,500,305 in the case of Pierce for the year 2023. As for the dead cap value, it is the amount of money that the team is obligated to pay to the player, even if they opt to cut or trade him. In Pierce’s scenario, his dead cap value equates to $2,490,793.

Alec Pierce’s contractual agreement with the Indianapolis Colts holds significant implications for the team. The addition of a gifted player like Pierce shall not only boost the team’s performance but also improve the overall depth of the team’s roster.

The guaranteed amount stipulated in the contract serves as a buffer for Pierce, ensuring that he receives a set amount of compensation, irrespective of his level of performance. The signing bonus and the average annual salary underscore the Indianapolis Colts’ belief in Pierce’s abilities and their commitment to the player.

  • March 30, 2023