Brandon Aiyuk Salary, Net Worth, Contract

Brandon Aiyuk Salary
Brandon Aiyuk Salary $2,318,819
Brandon Aiyuk Net Worth $5,000,000
Source of Income NFL
Brandon Aiyuk Forbes (Market Value) $4,556,852
Total Contract Value $12,531,342 (4 years)
Total Cap $26,655,342

Brandon Aiyuk’s recent contract signing with the San Francisco 49ers is undoubtedly a commendable feat. The 4-year agreement is worth an astounding $12,531,342, with a considerable chunk of that amount being guaranteed. And let’s not forget the $6,673,704 signing bonus that he will be receiving on top of it all!

In terms of his annual earnings, Aiyuk will be making an impressive average of $3,132,836. But if we take a closer look, we can see that in 2023, his base salary will be $2,318,819, and he will be carrying a cap hit of $3,987,245, with the same amount being his dead cap value.

Overall, it appears that Aiyuk’s financial future with the 49ers is quite promising. One could only hope for such a lucrative opportunity.

Year Yearly Base Salary Cap Hit
2020 $610,000 $2,278,426
2021 $1,179,606 $2,848,032
2022 $1,749,213 $3,417,639
2023 $2,318,819 $3,987,245
2024 $14,124,000 $14,124,000

Brandon Aiyuk: The Ascension of a Luminary Wide Receiver

Brandon Aiyuk, a burgeoning supernova in the NFL, is a preeminent asset to the San Francisco 49ers. His celestial ascendancy was further propelled in 2020 when he inked a 4-year deal, procuring a $6,673,704 signing bonus and a contract worth $12,531,342, substantiating the 49ers’ unwavering belief in his on-field abilities.

Aiyuk’s Contractual Particulars

Aiyuk’s contractual stipulations ensure his financial security with his deal fully guaranteed, and his yearly earnings tallying $3,132,836, exalting him into the upper echelon of NFL wide receivers and firmly establishing his position as a significant constituent of the 49ers’ roster. The 2023 campaign promises Aiyuk a $2,318,819 base salary and a cap impact of $3,987,245. The dead cap value of his contract is also $3,987,245.

Brandon Aiyuk Salary

Aiyuk’s Athletic Proficiency

Aiyuk’s athleticism is the indisputable driving force behind his accomplishments on the field. In his inaugural complete season with the 49ers, he amassed a stellar stat-line, snagging 60 receptions for 748 yards and 5 touchdowns. These astronomical figures are even more remarkable when you take into consideration that he only featured in 12 games due to an injury. It is unfathomable how much he could attain if he remains healthy.

Brandon Aiyuk Net Worth over the years
2023 $5,000,000
2022 $3,571,429
2021 $2,551,020
2020 $1,822,157

The Future Prospects of Aiyuk and the 49ers

The 49ers possess an impressive assemblage of talent, with Aiyuk being a pivotal component of their future triumphs. His contract alludes to an investment in his abilities, manifesting his potential to transform into one of the NFL’s elite wide receivers. Aiyuk’s velocity, agility, and improvisational skills position him for a breakout season and a radiant future in the NFL.


The San Francisco 49ers’ contract with Brandon Aiyuk is a testament to his prodigious talent and the team’s unwavering confidence in his celestial abilities. As he continues his ascent to the pantheon of NFL wide receivers, Aiyuk will undoubtedly be an invaluable asset for the 49ers for years to come.

  • April 1, 2023