C.J. Mosley Salary, Net Worth, Contract

C.J. Mosley Salary
C.J. Mosley Salary $17,000,000
C.J. Mosley Net Worth $35,000,000
Source of Income NFL
C.J. Mosley Forbes (Market Value) $26,000,000
Total Contract Value $85,000,000 (5 years)
Total Cap $87,976,000

The recent news concerning C.J. Mosley is indeed an interesting one, did you know that the New York Jets have presented him with a substantial offer worth a massive $85 million? Astonishingly, Mosley has already received a whopping $7.5 million merely for signing the contract, talk about a fantastic deal. What’s more, over half of this exorbitant amount is guaranteed, which essentially means that even if he encounters any unforeseen circumstances, Mosley is secured for the rest of his life.

The question remains, what is his annual income from this deal? Well, the answer to that is a staggering $17 million per season on average. In 2023, to be precise, this is precisely the amount that he will be pocketing as his base pay. However, here’s where things get perplexing, his cap hit that year is over $21 million! Such a massive sum for one person is indeed hard to fathom. If by any chance the Jets decide to terminate or trade him, they would still be required to provide him with nearly $15 million in dead cap money. It’s a testament to how insane NFL contracts can be, don’t you think?

Year Yearly Base Salary Cap Hit
2019 $1,000,000 $13,000,000
2020 $3,000,000 $10,000,000
2021 $6,000,000 $7,500,000
2022 $1,120,000 $5,596,000
2023 $17,000,000 $21,476,000
2024 $17,000,000 $21,476,000

C.J. Mosley’s Contract: A Comprehensive Breakdown

In March 2019, C.J. Mosley inked a five-year pact valued at $85 million with the New York Jets. As part of the deal, Mosley received a $7.5 million signing bonus and $51 million in guaranteed dough, culminating in an average yearly earnings of $17 million.

Notably, Mosley’s cap hit differs each year, thanks to the contract’s peculiar structure. In 2019, the cap hit amounted to $13.5 million, whereas in 2020 and 2021, it reached $17.5 million and $18.5 million, respectively. For 2022, Mosley’s cap hit is scheduled to land at $19.5 million.

However, there’s a catch: Mosley’s contract is not wholly guaranteed beyond 2022. The Jets reserve the option to release him before the 2023 campaign and save $15 million on the salary cap.

C.J. Mosley Salary

C.J. Mosley’s Impact on the Jets

C.J. Mosley has emerged as a pivotal player for the Jets since his momentous signing in 2019. Unfortunately, injury woes have marred his past two seasons, limiting his playing time. He featured in just two games in 2019 due to a nagging groin injury and sat out the entire 2020 season due to COVID-19 concerns.

Despite his time on the sidelines, Mosley proved to be productive on the gridiron. During his brief stint in 2019, he amassed six tackles, one interception, and one fumble recovery. His impressive Week 1 performance in 2019 resulted in him bagging the AFC Defensive Player of the Week accolade.

C.J. Mosley Net Worth over the years
2023 $35,000,000
2022 $25,000,000
2021 $17,857,143
2020 $12,755,102

C.J. Mosley’s Future Prospects

In the upcoming seasons, C.J. Mosley will strive to bounce back from his injury-ridden spell and show his worth to the Jets. With the team investing a colossal sum in him, he’s expected to serve as a defensive leader.

If Mosley can stay healthy, he has the potential to become one of the most elite linebackers in the NFL. Boasting a rare combination of size, speed, and athleticism, he can make game-changing plays all over the field. Nonetheless, he must avoid further injuries and stay on the pitch if he hopes to justify his massive contract.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, C.J. Mosley’s contract with the New York Jets is among the most massive deals in the NFL. While he has the potential to be a game-changer on defense, he’s been plagued by injuries in recent years. If he can overcome these setbacks and remain fit, he could emerge as one of the league’s premier linebackers and help the Jets vie for a playoff berth in the future.

  • April 3, 2023