Dallis Flowers Salary, Net Worth, Contract

Dallis Flowers Salary
Dallis Flowers Salary $870,000
Dallis Flowers Net Worth $1,500,000
Source of Income NFL
Dallis Flowers Forbes (Market Value) $1,413,332
Total Contract Value $2,565,000 (3 years)
Total Cap $2,564,999

The Indianapolis Colts have made a noteworthy acquisition with the recent addition of Dallis Flowers. The budding athlete has secured a lucrative 3-year contract with a substantial sum of $2,565,000, featuring a $5,000 signing bonus and $15,000 in guaranteed funds. Additionally, Flowers will receive a substantial annual income of $855,000, a highly appealing figure for a fledgling player in the major leagues.

However, the story does not end there! In the year 2023, Flowers will earn a base salary of $870,000, with a cap hit of $871,666. Impressive compensation for an individual who is just getting started. Let us not overlook the dead cap value of $3,334. Flowers is certainly making strides and captivating attention in the NFL.

The Indianapolis Colts have a reputation for bringing in some of the most exceptional and emerging talents in the game. With the addition of Flowers, they continue to uphold their distinguished reputation. This young athlete is undoubtedly one to observe in the coming years. He possesses talent, drive, and now, an appropriate remuneration to match. NFL enthusiasts, prepare yourselves for the ripples that Flowers is about to make in the league!

Year Yearly Base Salary Cap Hit
2022 $705,000 $706,666
2023 $870,000 $871,666
2024 $985,000 $986,667

The addition of tight end Dallis Flowers to the Indianapolis Colts roster has been solidified with a binding three-year agreement valued at $2,565,000. This contract, which encompasses a $5,000 signing bonus, $15,000 guaranteed, and an annual salary averaging at $855,000, assures Flowers’ position with the team.

Regarding the forthcoming 2023 season, Flowers’ base salary is $870,000, accompanied by a cap hit of $871,666, with his dead cap value amounting to $3,334. Flowers has been a noteworthy contributor to the Colts, exhibiting dexterity and talent as a blocker and receiver.

Dallis Flowers Salary

Through the course of his career, Flowers has exhibited an unwavering commitment to improvement, rendering him an invaluable player on the team. The Colts have emphasized their faith in Flowers by awarding him this new contract, ensuring his ongoing importance to the team’s triumphs.

Given Flowers’ steadfast work ethic and resoluteness, there is no doubt that he will continue to flourish and deliver a positive influence on the field. Consequently, both Flowers and the Colts are destined for a bright future, working together to accomplish team success.

Dallis Flowers Net Worth over the years
2023 $1,500,000
2022 $1,071,429
2021 $765,306
2020 $546,647

The signing of Dallis Flowers to a three-year contract is a strategic decision for the Indianapolis Colts, given his versatility and outstanding performance, signifying his value to the team. As he continuously progresses and evolves, there is no doubt that he will perform an essential role in the team’s future successes.

  • March 31, 2023