Diontae Johnson Salary, Net Worth, Contract

Diontae Johnson Salary
Diontae Johnson Salary $8,000,000
Diontae Johnson Net Worth $15,000,000
Source of Income NFL
Diontae Johnson Forbes (Market Value) $15,235,740
Total Contract Value $36,710,000 (2 years)
Total Cap $39,784,537

The magnitude of Diontae Johnson’s contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers is truly astonishing! A sizeable sum of $36,710,000 has been allocated to the wide receiver over a period of two years, replete with a luscious signing bonus of $17,500,000 and a guaranteed amount of $27,000,000. The average annual salary of $18,355,000 is indeed remarkable.

It is noteworthy that Johnson is slated to procure a base salary of $8,000,000 and a roster bonus of $2,500,000 in 2023, while being saddled with a rather substantial cap hit of $16,333,333 and a dead cap value of $19,666,667.

The fact that Johnson will be minting money in the foreseeable future is indubitable! The imposing cap hit underscores the unflinching faith reposed by the Steelers in Johnson’s abilities. There is no denying that Diontae Johnson’s future is looking exceedingly bright!

Year Yearly Base Salary Cap Hit
2022 $1,500,000 $7,617,870
2023 $8,000,000 $16,333,333
2024 $7,000,000 $15,833,334

The recent acquisition of Diontae Johnson has brought great excitement to the Pittsburgh Steelers organization. Johnson, a young, dynamic wide receiver, has signed a two-year contract worth a staggering $36,710,000, featuring a $17,500,000 signing bonus, $27,000,000 in guaranteed money, and a yearly salary averaging $18,355,000.

Johnson’s career so far has been nothing short of remarkable. After being selected in the third round of the 2019 NFL draft, he immediately showcased his skills as a receiver by leading all NFL rookies in receptions (59) and receiving yards (680) during his rookie campaign. In 2020, Johnson continued to impress, leading the Steelers in receptions (74) and receiving yards (807).

Diontae Johnson Salary

The new deal ensures that Johnson’s future with the Steelers is secure, as he is set to earn a base salary of $8,000,000 in 2023, with an additional $2,500,000 in roster bonuses. Not only does this provide stability for Johnson, but it also boosts the team’s salary cap, which has been a concern for some time. With a cap hit of $16,333,333 and a dead cap value of $19,666,667, it is clear that the Steelers are invested in Johnson’s future success.

Diontae Johnson Net Worth over the years
2023 $15,000,000
2022 $10,714,286
2021 $7,653,061
2020 $5,466,472

The Steelers’ decision to sign Johnson is not without good reason. His unique combination of speed, route-running ability, and exceptional hands make him a threat to score on any given play. Furthermore, he has developed a strong rapport with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, making him a vital piece of the Steelers’ offensive scheme.

This significant move is an indication that the Steelers are committed to building a winning team and willing to invest in talented players. Without a doubt, Diontae Johnson’s addition to the Steelers’ roster will continue to bring excitement and success to the team for many years to come.

  • April 2, 2023