George Kittle Salary, Net Worth, Contract

George Kittle Salary
George Kittle Salary $11,650,000
George Kittle Net Worth $22,000,000
Source of Income NFL
George Kittle Forbes (Market Value) $11,615,148
Total Contract Value $75,000,000 (5 years)
Total Cap $73,765,793

The San Francisco 49ers have fortuitously secured their stellar tight end, George Kittle, with a monumental 5-year accord appraised at $75 million. The aforementioned agreement encompasses an astounding $18 million signing incentive, $40 million guaranteed, and a mean annual salary of $15 million.

By the time 2023 rolls around, Kittle will be acquiring the dough with a foundation salary of $11.65 million, a roster premium of $500,000, and a workout premium of $100,000, arriving at a comprehensive cap hit of $18,033,740 and an expiring worth of $20,637,300.

The aforementioned accord absolutely confirms Kittle’s place among the upper echelon of highest-paid tight ends in the National Football League. The San Francisco 49ers are determined to keep their pivotal athletes in the mix and Kittle’s influence on the pitch indisputably justifies this exorbitant payday.

Witnesses can anticipate observing Kittle delivering the goods and smashing it on the pitch for countless years, now that he’s attained some serious financial security. It’s a safe bet to assert that this deal is a win-win for both Kittle and the 49ers.

Year Yearly Base Salary Cap Hit
2020 $2,133,000 $5,807,574
2021 $1,250,000 $5,450,000
2022 $1,035,000 $7,389,329
2023 $11,650,000 $18,033,740
2024 $13,400,000 $19,842,575
2025 $14,400,000 $17,242,575

George Kittle, a tight end with impressive dynamism and athleticism, has recently signed a 5-year contract worth an astounding $75 million with the San Francisco 49ers, thereby cementing his place among the NFL’s elite players. This remarkable agreement features an $18 million signing bonus, $40 million in guaranteed money, and an average yearly salary of $15 million, ensuring Kittle’s financial security for the next half-decade.

The breakdown of Kittle’s earnings for 2023 is a staggering sight to behold. Not only will he receive a base salary of $11,650,000, but he’ll also be granted a roster bonus of $500,000 and a workout bonus of $100,000. This will result in a total cap hit of $18,033,740 and a dead cap value of $20,637,300, making Kittle one of the highest-paid players in the league.

George Kittle Salary

Kittle’s mere presence on the field has been a force to be reckoned with, showcasing an electrifying level of talent that has broken records and earned him adoration from fans everywhere. His tenacity and drive have proven invaluable to the 49ers’ offense, cementing his place as one of the league’s dominant forces.

The future of the 49ers looks promising with Kittle’s skills and contract now secured for the next five years. Alongside the team’s solid offensive line, Kittle’s dynamic playmaking ability is poised to keep the 49ers a top-tier offensive powerhouse for years to come.

George Kittle Net Worth over the years
2023 $22,000,000
2022 $15,714,286
2021 $11,224,490
2020 $8,017,493

As Kittle continues to hone his skills and impact the game, his status as a dominant player is all but certain. His contract with the 49ers is a true testament to both his talent and the team’s unshakable commitment to success.

In conclusion, the signing of George Kittle’s 5-year contract with the San Francisco 49ers is a massive victory for both him and the team. With Kittle’s incredible athleticism and the 49ers’ unwavering dedication to success, the future looks bright for the team and their star tight end.

  • April 1, 2023