Harrison Butker Salary, Net Worth, Contract

Harrison Butker Salary
Harrison Butker Salary $3,550,000
Harrison Butker Net Worth $6,000,000
Source of Income NFL
Harrison Butker Forbes (Market Value) $2,690,000
Total Contract Value $20,275,000 (5 years)
Total Cap $20,884,705

Harrison Butker, a proficient kicker, has recently inked a remarkable five-year accord with the illustrious Kansas City Chiefs. The contract, amounting to a staggering $20,275,000, comprises a $3,500,000 signing bonus to further enhance the potency of the deal. In light of this, Butker is guaranteed to amass an impressive sum of $9,100,000, thereby ensuring an average annual salary of $4,055,000.

By the time 2023 rolls around, Butker will be entitled to a base salary of $3,550,000, which in and of itself, is nothing to sneeze at. Nevertheless, this is not the end of his vast and copious income as he shall also be furnished with a roster bonus of $100,000 and a workout bonus of $50,000, which in turn, augment his earnings.

Admittedly, the 2023 season does not bode well for Butker as his cap hit is anticipated to tally up to $5,105,266. This might seem like a staggering amount, but fret not, as the dead cap value is far more manageable at a paltry $2,157,592. All things considered, it is an exceedingly propitious deal for the talented kicker.

Year Yearly Base Salary Cap Hit
2019 $645,000 $1,345,000
2020 $2,345,000 $3,195,000
2021 $3,090,000 $3,934,118
2022 $1,163,611 $2,736,525
2023 $3,550,000 $5,105,266
2024 $3,690,000 $4,568,796

The name Harrison Butker resonates with the seasoned football enthusiasts, and for a good reason, as the kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs is a bonafide star in his own right. Butker, who has earned his stripes through his commendable performance on the field, has signed a lucrative five-year contract that’s valued at $20,275,000.

This contract features a noteworthy signing bonus of $3,500,000, $9,100,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $4,055,000. The Kansas City Chiefs are investing in one of the best kickers in the NFL, and it’s easy to see why.

Looking ahead to the 2023 season, Harrison Butker will be raking in a base salary of $3,550,000, and that’s not all; he will also receive a roster bonus of $100,000 and a workout bonus of $50,000. The total for the 2023 season brings Butker’s earning to $3,700,000, a considerable sum by any measure.

The Kansas City Chiefs have made a calculated decision in securing the services of Butker, whose cap hit stands at $5,105,266, and a dead cap value of $2,157,592.

Harrison Butker Salary

Butker’s career in the NFL has been nothing short of exceptional, and his consistency in making over 90% of his field goal attempts is proof of his unwavering reliability. It’s no surprise that the talented kicker has been named to the Pro Bowl twice, and his accuracy and dependability make him an invaluable asset to the Kansas City Chiefs.

With the team having secured his services for the next five years, the expectation is that Butker will continue to deliver on his promise of excellence.

In the world of professional football, kickers are often the unsung heroes whose contribution can make all the difference between victory and defeat. Harrison Butker’s ability to deliver in clutch situations has been repeatedly demonstrated, and the Kansas City Chiefs recognize the immense value he brings to the team.

Harrison Butker Net Worth over the years
2023 $6,000,000
2022 $4,285,714
2021 $3,061,224
2020 $2,186,589

By investing in Butker, the Kansas City Chiefs have secured a vital piece of the puzzle and made a wise decision that will undoubtedly pay dividends for years to come.

In conclusion, the Kansas City Chiefs have made an astute investment in Harrison Butker, who is undoubtedly one of the most exceptional kickers in the NFL. His consistency, accuracy, and dependability make him a valuable asset to the team, and the Chiefs have ensured that they have secured his services for the next five years.

It’s evident that Butker’s role in the team’s success in the future will be crucial, and the team can rest easy knowing that they have a proven performer on their side.

  • April 2, 2023