James Hurst Salary, Net Worth, Contract

James Hurst Salary $3,500,000
James Hurst Net Worth $6,000,000
Source of Income NFL
James Hurst Forbes (Market Value) $4,150,000
Total Contract Value $9,000,000 (3 years)
Total Cap $12,217,000

Alrighty, so let’s break down what James Hurst’s contract with the New Orleans Saints entails. He’s signed on for three years, earning a total of $9,000,000, with a $3,000,000 signing bonus and $5,000,000 guaranteed. On average, he’ll be making $3,000,000 a year.

Looking ahead to 2023, Hurst is set to receive a base salary of $3,500,000 and a roster bonus of $2,000,000. However, his cap hit will be $6,761,000, and his dead cap value will be $2,044,000.

It’s clear that the Saints have invested in Hurst, banking on his talent and ability to contribute to the team’s success. While his cap hit may be relatively high in 2023, his guaranteed money offers a level of security and stability for both the player and the team. Overall, it’ll be interesting to see how Hurst continues to perform in the coming years and whether he lives up to the expectations set by his contract.

Year Yearly Base Salary Cap Hit
2021 $1,075,000 $2,075,000
2022 $1,120,000 $3,381,000
2023 $3,500,000 $6,761,000

James Hurst is a veteran offensive tackle who recently signed a 3-year contract with the New Orleans Saints. The contract, worth $9 million, includes a $3 million signing bonus, $5 million guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $3 million.

Breaking down the contract further, we can see that in 2023, Hurst will earn a base salary of $3.5 million and a roster bonus of $2 million. This brings his total earnings for the year to $5.5 million. However, the cap hit for the team will be $6.761 million, while the dead cap value will be $2.044 million.

It’s worth noting that Hurst has been a reliable player in the league for many years, with over 90 games played in his career. His experience and skill make him a valuable addition to any team, and the New Orleans Saints are lucky to have him on board.

James Hurst Salary

In terms of the impact of Hurst’s contract on the team, it’s clear that the Saints are investing in the future. By signing Hurst to a multi-year deal, they are securing a quality offensive tackle for the next few seasons. This move demonstrates the team’s commitment to building a strong and competitive squad.

James Hurst Net Worth over the years
2023 $6,000,000
2022 $4,285,714
2021 $3,061,224
2020 $2,186,589

To summarize, James Hurst’s contract with the New Orleans Saints is a significant investment in the team’s future. With a multi-year deal worth $9 million, including a $3 million signing bonus and $5 million guaranteed, Hurst is a valuable addition to the squad. With his experience and skill, he will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the team’s success in the coming years.

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  • February 22, 2023