Joe Harris Salary, Net Worth, Contract

Joe Harris Salary
Joe Harris Salary $17,357,143
Joe Harris Net Worth $35,000,000
Source of Income NBA
Joe Harris Forbes (Market Value) $32,142,858
Total Contract Value $75,000,000 (4 years)
Total Cap $72,000,000

The Brooklyn Nets have recently reached a lucrative agreement with Joe Harris, which guarantees him a staggering sum of $72 million out of his $75 million contract for the next four years. This equates to an average yearly salary of $18.75 million, which is undeniably impressive. As for this year, Mr. Harris is expected to earn a base salary of $18.64 million, with an equivalent cap hit and dead cap value. It is quite evident that the Nets have immense faith in Mr. Harris and his ability to perform exceptionally well on the court.

Year Yearly Base Salary Cap Hit
2020-21 $16,071,429 $16,071,429
2021-22 $17,357,143 $17,357,143
2022-23 $18,642,857 $18,642,857
2023-24 $19,928,571 $19,928,571

The Brooklyn Nets, in their unmitigated wisdom, have made an astute investment in one of the most indispensable components of their roster: Joe Harris. Harris, a shooting guard with a prodigious history of amassing points for the Nets, has recently inked a lucrative 4-year deal worth $75 million, replete with $72 million guaranteed and an annual average stipend of $18.75 million.

Harris, a consummate scorer, has consistently ranked among the upper echelon of three-point shooters in the league and is renowned for his precision from the furthest confines of the court. With his mellifluous shooting mechanics, Harris has become one of the most formidable weapons at the Nets’ disposal on the offensive spectrum.

Joe Harris Salary

It is plausible that the impending 2022-23 season will serve as a year of emergence for none other than Joe Harris himself. Such conjecture stems from his noteworthy base salary of $18,642,857, a statistic that cannot be ignored. Moreover, his corresponding cap hit and dead cap value are also identical to his base salary, indicating the Brooklyn Nets’ profound trust in his talent and leadership capabilities on the hardwood.

Joe Harris Net Worth over the years
2023 $35,000,000
2022 $25,000,000
2021 $17,857,143
2020 $12,755,102

Joe Harris’ triumphs in the Nets are underpinned by the sterling reinforcement he enjoys from his teammates, including James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving. With these elite athletes by his side, Harris is bestowed with the golden opportunity to display his prowess and augment his abilities as a player.

Furthermore, the extension of Harris’ contract secures his bright future in the league and with the Nets. Harris has firmly established himself as an invaluable asset for the team and will undoubtedly maintain a pivotal role in their future triumphs. As Harris reaches the zenith of his career, he possesses the capacity to transform into one of the most commanding shooting guards in the league.

  • March 17, 2023