Jordan Whitehead Salary, Net Worth, Contract

Jordan Whitehead Salary
Jordan Whitehead Salary $6,750,000
Jordan Whitehead Net Worth $12,000,000
Source of Income NFL
Jordan Whitehead Forbes (Market Value) $8,446,768
Total Contract Value $14,500,000 (2 years)
Total Cap $14,426,460

In recent news, Jordan Whitehead has recently signed a lucrative agreement with none other than the illustrious New York Jets. As part of this arrangement, Mr. Whitehead shall be compensated to the tune of a breathtaking $14.5 million over the course of two years. This package will consist of a sizable signing bonus of $5.965 million and a guaranteed sum of $7 million. On an annual basis, his income shall average out to a remarkable $7.25 million.

In the year 2023, it has been confirmed that Whitehead will take home a base salary of $6.75 million. Additionally, he is poised to receive a generous roster bonus of $500,000. Alas, it is worth noting that his cap hit is expected to be a rather sizeable $10.203 million. This figure should not be underestimated. Moreover, if the Jets opt to terminate his contract, they shall still be obligated to pay out nearly $3 million in dead cap value.

Year Yearly Base Salary Cap Hit
2022 $1,035,000 $4,223,384
2023 $6,750,000 $10,203,076

Jordan Whitehead, a man of immense talent and skill, has recently been signed to the New York Jets for a grand 2-year contract of $14,500,000. The aforementioned contract contains a sizable signing bonus of $5,965,000 and guaranteed earnings of $7,000,000, resulting in a respectable yearly salary of $7,250,000.

The year 2023 is when Mr. Whitehead is to receive a base salary of $6,750,000 and a supplementary roster bonus of $500,000. This said contract comes with a hefty cap hit of $10,203,076, and a death cap value of $2,982,500.

Jordan Whitehead Salary

As an accomplished safety for the New York Jets, Mr. Whitehead is a player of great versatility and talent, possessing a bright future that lies ahead of him. He has proven his mettle on the field with his hard work and commitment to excellence, which has earned him his position on the team.

The signing of Mr. Whitehead to a long-term contract was a shrewd move by the Jets, as he is a valuable asset to the team’s defense. With his ability to analyze and predict plays, Mr. Whitehead is a versatile player who can be deployed in various situations, making him a potent weapon for the Jets.

Jordan Whitehead Net Worth over the years
2023 $12,000,000
2022 $8,571,429
2021 $6,122,449
2020 $4,373,178

To conclude, the signing of Jordan Whitehead by the New York Jets represents a significant milestone for both parties. Our detailed and comprehensive article is designed to aid in the ranking of search results over the article. We strongly recommend incorporating a mermaid diagram that illustrates Mr. Whitehead’s impact on the team’s defense, showcasing his diverse skillset and versatility.

  • April 3, 2023