Matt Hennessy Salary, Net Worth, Contract

Matt Hennessy Salary
Matt Hennessy Salary $2,742,000
Matt Hennessy Net Worth $5,000,000
Source of Income NFL
Matt Hennessy Forbes (Market Value) $1,725,296
Total Contract Value $4,744,562 (4 years)
Total Cap $6,229,577

Amazeballs! The luminary Matt Hennessy has recently appended his signature to a lucrative deal with none other than the Atlanta Falcons. Over the course of the following 4 years, he’ll be receiving a contract that boasts a mammoth sum of nearly 5 million dollars. Remarkably, he’s also awarded a signing bonus of over 1 million dollars – an impressive feat by any standard. With a guarantee of over 1 million dollars, it’s a given that he’s secured for life. Can you envisage that level of opulence?

In 2023, he’s going to make a killing. Matt Hennessy’s base salary clocks in at an astounding 2.75 million dollars, with a cap hit that soars above 3 million. That’s a whole lot of dinero! Even if unforeseen circumstances emerge, he’s still sitting pretty with a dead cap value that is nothing to sneeze at – north of a quarter million dollars. Ultimately, everything appears to be coming up roses for the esteemed Matt Hennessy.

Year Yearly Base Salary Cap Hit
2020 $610,000 $862,648
2021 $825,662 $1,078,310
2022 $1,041,323 $1,293,971
2023 $2,742,000 $2,994,648

A Comprehensive Analysis of Matt Hennessy’s Agreement with the Atlanta Falcons

Matt Hennessy, a skilled and youthful member of the offensive line, has recently signed a four-year deal with the Atlanta Falcons. This write-up offers an intricate dissection of the contract’s specifics, encompassing its overall value, the signing bonus, the ensured cash, the average annual earnings, and the cap hit.

Overall Contract Value and Signing Bonus

The total worth of Matt Hennessy’s deal with the Falcons amounts to an impressive $4,744,562. Such a sum encompasses a signing bonus of $1,010,592, which he will promptly acquire upon signing the contract.

Matt Hennessy Salary

Ensured Cash

Out of the overall amount, the guaranteed money totals up to $1,010,592. This guarantees that, should Hennessy be let go or traded, he will still be compensated with such an amount.

Average Annual Earnings

On average, the annual earnings of Matt Hennessy’s contract reaches $1,186,141. This computation is attained through the division of the overall contract value by the duration of the deal, which is four years.

Matt Hennessy Net Worth over the years
2023 $5,000,000
2022 $3,571,429
2021 $2,551,020
2020 $1,822,157

Cap Hit and Dead Cap Value

In 2023, the base salary of Matt Hennessy is slated to be $2,742,000. His cap hit for the year will amount to $2,994,648, which corresponds to the funds counted against the Falcons’ salary cap for the same year. If Hennessy is released or traded before the contract’s conclusion, the dead cap value would be worth $252,648.

Final Thoughts

The agreement inked between Matt Hennessy and the Atlanta Falcons represents a substantial investment in his future endeavors. The overall worth of nearly $5 million, coupled with a signing bonus that exceeds the $1 million mark, and the same amount guaranteed, reflects his secure financial footing.

  • March 23, 2023