T.J. Watt Salary, Net Worth, Contract

T.J. Watt Salary
T.J. Watt Salary $20,000,000
T.J. Watt Net Worth $40,000,000
Source of Income NFL
T.J. Watt Forbes (Market Value) $16,237,388
Total Contract Value $112,011,000 (4 years)
Total Cap $61,856,082

The announcement has been made! T.J. Watt, the celebrated player of the Pittsburgh Steelers, has struck gold with a four-year contract that is valued at a staggering $112,011,000. It’s not just a salary, though – the contract includes a mammoth signing bonus of $35,593,470. To sweeten the deal even further, $80,000,000 of the contract is guaranteed, so T.J. Watt can rest easy for the rest of his days. At an annual average salary of $28,002,750, one can only imagine how high his bank account will swell!

Come 2023, T.J. will be taking home a base salary of $20,000,000 and will carry a cap hit of $29,368,694. But, even if he parts ways with the team, the Steelers will continue to bear the brunt with a dead cap value of $48,106,082. Truly, it appears as though T.J. Watt is a prized player – a force to be reckoned with in the world of football!

Year Yearly Base Salary Cap Hit
2021 $1,000,000 $8,118,694
2022 $15,000,000 $24,368,694
2023 $20,000,000 $29,368,694

The Pittsburgh Steelers have made a momentous move by locking in their top-notch player, T.J. Watt, for the following four seasons, with a jaw-dropping contract worth an astounding $112,011,000. Signed in 2023, the colossal deal incorporates a signing bonus of $35,593,470 and an assured amount of $80,000,000, rendering T.J. one of the most well-compensated players in the NFL.

T.J. Watt’s pay package will be composed of various components, including a base salary of $20,000,000, which will augment his cap hit, estimated to amount to $29,368,694. Even if T.J. decides to sever his ties with the Steelers, the team will still feel the effects of his contract, with a dead cap value of $48,106,082.

T.J. Watt Salary

Considering T.J. Watt’s commanding presence on the field since joining the team in 2017, it comes as no surprise that the Pittsburgh Steelers are willing to invest a vast sum of money in him. In his rookie year, he was crowned NFL All-Rookie Team and has since been nominated for the Pro Bowl thrice. He has also achieved First-Team All-Pro twice and has secured double-digit sacks in each of the past three seasons.

T.J. Watt Net Worth over the years
2023 $40,000,000
2022 $28,571,429
2021 $20,408,163
2020 $14,577,259

With this recent contract extension, T.J. Watt is expected to keep up his impressive performances on the field over the next four years. The Steelers have managed to obtain one of the top players in the league and will undoubtedly benefit from his performance. This move demonstrates the team’s unwavering commitment to creating a formidable defense and their belief in T.J. Watt’s ability to lead the way.

To conclude, T.J. Watt’s contract extension with the Pittsburgh Steelers is a definite win-win situation for both the player and the team. T.J. will continue to cement his position as one of the NFL’s top athletes, while the Steelers will profit from his leadership and exceptional performance on the field.

  • April 2, 2023