Trey Lance Salary, Net Worth, Contract

Trey Lance Salary
Trey Lance Salary $3,760,480
Trey Lance Net Worth $8,000,000
Source of Income NFL
Trey Lance Forbes (Market Value) $12,401,918
Total Contract Value $34,105,275 (4 years)
Total Cap $34,105,275

In a stunning display of faith, the San Francisco 49ers have lavished Trey Lance with a generous contract. This four-year agreement, totaling a sum of $34,105,275, comes complete with a whopping $22,163,836 signing bonus – every penny of which is guaranteed. As a result, Lance will enjoy an average annual salary of $8,526,319, which is nothing to sneeze at!

As we fast-forward to the year 2023, we find that Lance will be earning a base salary of $3,760,480, while shouldering a cap hit of $9,301,439 and a dead cap value of $20,153,117. These figures are a testament to just how much the 49ers believe in Lance’s ability to succeed in the years to come.

All things considered, this is a massive coup for both Lance and the San Francisco 49ers. Time will tell if Lance can live up to the towering expectations that have been set for him, but one thing is certain: with such a lofty contract to his name, the young quarterback will have plenty of motivation to bring his A-game to the gridiron.

Year Yearly Base Salary Cap Hit
2021 $660,000 $6,200,959
2022 $2,210,240 $7,751,199
2023 $3,760,480 $9,301,439
2024 $5,310,719 $10,851,678

Trey Lance’s Contract with the San Francisco 49ers: A Complex Negotiation

Trey Lance, an accomplished quarterback with prodigious potential, has inked a 4-year pact with the San Francisco 49ers. The terms of the deal encompass a substantial sum of $34,105,275, with a significant signing bonus of $22,163,836 and a guaranteed sum of $34,105,275. Lance’s average yearly remuneration with the 49ers stands at $8,526,319.

During 2023, Lance shall collect $3,760,480 as his base salary, while also carrying a cap hit of $9,301,439 and a dead cap value of $20,153,117.

Delving into Trey Lance’s Contract

Trey Lance’s contract with the San Francisco 49ers signifies a momentous occasion in his career, and it serves as a clear affirmation of the organization’s belief in his abilities. The guaranteed amount of the contract demonstrates the team’s unwavering commitment to retaining Trey as their signal-caller for the following four seasons.

The considerable size of the signing bonus signifies the 49ers’ willingness to invest in Trey’s future. Additionally, his average yearly salary of $8,526,319 places him among the most handsomely compensated quarterbacks in the NFL.

In 2023, Trey’s base salary of $3,760,480 and a cap hit of $9,301,439 reveal the 49ers’ commitment to paying him a competitive wage, while the latter figure also indicates the considerable impact his contract will have on the team’s salary cap.

Trey Lance Salary

Trey Lance’s Future with the 49ers

Trey Lance’s contract with the San Francisco 49ers is a monumental milestone in his career, and it lays the groundwork for his future with the team. By offering him a substantial contract, the 49ers have demonstrated their confidence in Trey’s abilities. It is now up to Lance to prove that he is deserving of this investment.

Trey possesses the potential to emerge as one of the preeminent quarterbacks in the NFL, and his contract with the 49ers is an attestation to his abilities. The 49ers are determined to assist Trey in achieving his full potential, providing him with the necessary backing and resources to excel.

Trey Lance Net Worth over the years
2023 $8,000,000
2022 $5,714,286
2021 $4,081,633
2020 $2,915,452


Trey Lance’s contract with the San Francisco 49ers represents a landmark event in his career, and it lays the foundation for his future with the team. The contract’s guaranteed amount, substantial signing bonus, and competitive base salary all reflect the 49ers’ faith in Trey’s abilities. The 49ers are committed to supporting Lance in his pursuit of greatness, offering him the tools and assistance required to flourish.

We are of the opinion that Trey Lance possesses the potential to become one of the premier quarterbacks in the NFL, and his contract with the 49ers is a testament to this fact. With the aid of the 49ers’ resources and backing, Trey will have the opportunity to establish himself as one of the preeminent signal-callers in the league.

  • April 1, 2023